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An athlete and coach.  I find that it is very important to participate in the sport that you coach. It is the one true way to understand where your clients are coming from.  I am an avid trail and ultra marathon runner that enjoys the spirited 5ks and half marathons.  My favorite clients are those that do not believe they can go the distance or are hesitant to try.  The pride and joy I feel to run a race with a client and to see them finish is a true high that is extremely difficult to find elsewhere.  As a Marine transitioning from a 20 year career, I believe that coaching runners is not just about the miles.  Its about learning how to become comfortable with being uncomfortable and training your body and mind in a variety weather, exercise, and speed settings.    

Training for Any Distance From Your First Mile to Your First Ultra Marathon

Road - Trail - Obstacle Course - Races - Military Fitness Test

Virtual Training Programs

Not everyone has the ability to find a running coach in their area or may not have the ability to schedule time out of their day for one-on-one training.  This does not mean you cannot have tailored coaching to assist you in reaching your running goals.  Plans are developed weekly to be tailored to areas that are identified as needing to be strengthened or provide fatigued muscles time to recover.

One-on-One Training

Running is far more complex than just continuously placing one foot in front of the other.  One-on-one training allows the coach to identify the major and minor deficiencies in form, stability, and strength. I provide  programs to assist with road, trail, and ultra distances developed to focus on muscular endurance, cardio endurance, strength, and stability.  

Become comfortable with being uncomfortable, or at least become uncomfortable with being comfortable

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