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Race Preparation

 Whether you are running your first race or attempting a new Personal Record on your favorite course, UFRC will train you for any distance, 5k to Marathon

Trail Running

 Trail running requires more mobility, strength, and endurance than road running at the same distance. UFRC can help you leave the pavement and hit the trails.

New to Running

Looking to start running or haven’t run in years? UFRC can build custom programs to ease you into the transition from walking to running.

Running Programs

 Hiring a coach is a serious commitment on your part so we to take the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to you and your training goals. At Ultra Flunkie Running Company we do not believe in “cookie cutter” training programs to get you through a 5k or marathon.  These plans do not know what your day to day obligations are, your current fitness level, or your running history.  UFRC tailors each plan to the client based upon your goals, current fitness level, and your life obligations. Our number one priority is the health and wellness of each client. Running should be fun and enjoyable.   

Ultra Marathon

Looking for a challenge greater than a marathon? Ultra running can show you how far you can push your body and mind, from 50k to multi-day stage races.

These races require power through running and complex movements. Prepare for race day with extra strength training and physical/mental endurance.

Obstacle Course & Relay Races

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