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Metabolic Testing

Take your athletic performance and nutrition planning to the next level with metabolic analysis.  Created by PNOE, UFRC uses the most advanced, accurate, and portable metabolic analysis system on the market. UFRC brings to you what was formerly only available at a medical center or university’s research department.  

Resting Metabolic Rate Test

RMR data helps to determine caloric needs, determine your fat metabolism efficiency, and other factors that help you reach your weight loss and body composition goals. UFRC will provide you with a report identifying your daily caloric expenditure, your metabolic efficiency based on age and gender, and resting heart rate. This test will only take about 15 minutes. 

Fitness and VO2 Max Test

This test will identify your VO2 Max, heart rate training zones, breathing efficient, and other fitness matrixes.  UFRC can administer a sport specific test for the most accurate results based on that sports requirements (bike, running, rower). This test will take approximately 20 minutes.

Smart Device Integrations 

You paid hundreds of dollars for your smart or GPS watch for its features like heart rate monitoring, training zones, calories burned tracking. You expect that data to be correct, but its not accurate to YOU! By integrating RMR and VO2 Max data provided from PNOE,  you can accurately track your training efficiency.  

*PNOE is also the only company that has Whoop device integration to update caloric expenditure.  Let UFRC know you have a Whoop device before the test.

At Home Testing

If you have a rower, treadmill, or a trainer mounted road bike we can conduct these tests from the comfort of your own home.  A minimum of 48 hour planning notice is required for all at home tests.

Live Training Analysis 

The PNOE metabolic analysis system allows for live training data to be collected and displayed.  Contact UFRC for more information

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