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Service Preparation

Joining the military or law enforcement organization will push your physical and mental limits like no activity can.  Joining also brings with it a level of stress during preparation. UFRC will help you train for the physical demands for service entry so you can increase your pushups, sit-ups, pull ups, and any running distance from 800 meters to three miles.

Physical Fitness Test 

Congratulations, you are in one of the few careers where your physical fitness has a direct impact on your career progress.  Get custom programming that builds power, endurance, and muscle development while working with existing injuries and preventing new ones.

Course Preparation

Specialized jobs required specialized training. Get physically prepared for an upcoming special service school, tactics course, or leadership academy.

Height & Weight Standards

Throw the trash bag away by combing physical training with nutrition coaching to stay within your service’s or organization’s height and weight standards. Healthy eating doesn’t require a scale when combined with Precision Nutrition’s proven habit-based approach

To serve on the front lines, a person needs to possess mental and physical toughness. UFRC develops programs to support all branches of the armed forces tailored to each services requirements and law enforcement agency requirements.

UFRC makes every attempt to stay current on all services and agency standards and requirements.

As these standards may change, please include the following information when you contact us:

  • Branch/Agency

  • Standard/Training Requirement

  • Last evaluation at that standard

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