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Nutrition Coaching

Food is our fuel and medicine. Using Precision Nutrition's proven habit-based techniques, UFRC will work with you to identify healthier eating habits, food choices, and meal preparation The bonus is no scales are involved and you don’t need to weigh your food. 

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Build better habits.

We have many habits that keep us on autopilot throughout the day. These range from how we tie our shoes to the order of how we take a shower. We will work together to build healthier eating habits that will take some of the stress away from building a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Provide accountability.

Why tackle a challenge alone? We are more successful when we have a support network and someone to reach out to when the going get tough or if we just have a question. Let me be your coach and supporter.

Develop a balanced diet, no fads or gimmicks.

We will focus on balanced and healthy nutrition. No starving yourself or cabbage only meal plans. Meaning, there are no “quick” fixes. We will work together to find the best foods to meet your dietary requirements to fuel your body properly while working towards your nutrition goals.

Take it slow and easy.

Too many changes at once become overwhelming and add additional stress to an already stressful process. We will work through small practices to support better habits to build a better relationship around food and eating. If you are ready to take the first step towards and more active and healthier life, I’m ready to help.

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