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Running Gait Analysis

The essentials of running start with your running gait.  It is a complex repetition of placing on foot in front of the other but repetitive motions done incorrectly can cause pain and eventually lead to injuries. UFRC provides running gait analysis to provide you with the knowledge, training, exercise plans to keep you running for the long term.

Runners Readiness Assessment

Before the gait analysis, UFRC will conduct a one-on-one Runners Readiness Assessment to identify any possible range of motion, mobility, strength, or tightness issues a runner may have.  This information will be combined with the running gait analysis to determine the appropriate corrective exercises to be conducted.

More than just images

UFRC conducts a live running gait analysis and provides on the spot quick correction guidance.  After the report is generated, you will receive a detailed report on your gait and a corrective exercise program that can be conducted on your own or with UFRC or an affiliated coach.


UFRC uses the marker-based 3D Gait Analysis system created by RunDNA. This system is portable and only needs a limited amount of space to conduct the analysis.  We can provide this service to physical therapy and sports medicine clinics, gyms, athletic teams, or the individual runners.  Group discounts are available.

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