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Anthony Tolson

Anthony Tolson


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Amazing coach. Very knowledgeable and really helpful with all aspects of running. Highly recommend for any type of runner. If you have never run in your life and need to get better looking to run marathons, he does it all!


Without a doubt, I would highly recommend Coach Stephen to all of my close peers and colleagues that wish to improve any aspect of their running ability whether it is form, endurance, speed, etc. He understands every individual had a different fitness and training situation and tailors it to their goals and needs. As a mentor, he is attentive to any concerns or questions during and outside of training sessions.

From day one, Coach Stephen has been extremely knowledgeable and professional. He speaks in a very friendly, down-to-earth manner when explaining the complicated science or methodology behind an exercise. He has introduced useful recovery tools and has also stressed the importance of proper macronutrient balance, recovery, and moderation - something I blatantly ignored as a novice runner.

As a very active and seasoned participant of ultramarathons, Coach Stephen practices what he preaches and is always willing to share his previous experiences or new excitement about an upcoming running event.


Coach Stephen is a great coach to work with. I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their running performance wether you have a large goal ahead of you or are in need of expert fine tuning. You can expect a huge amount of knowledge and experience out of your training and should have confidence that whatever your goals are they will be met so long as you put in your side of the work.


outstanding coach, highly recommend


Coach Stephen has been awesome! He took time to understand my goals and my current ability before he built my program. As things got tough, he offered encouragement as well as tips and tricks to keep going. He has a wealth of knowledge about running. I highly recommend him!


Stephen is very knowledgeable and patient. You can tell that he has a deep passion for running as well as making his students better. It has been the upmost privilege working him thus far and I know it will only get better!!


Been working with Stephen for a few weeks now coming from a military background and hating running due to the constant go-hard running culture in the military. Since he also had a military background I was cautious, but in our first conversation he showed me what I suspected all along - running shouldn’t suck so much all the time. He knew the culture I was coming from and the difficulty I’d have slowing down, despite hating running for being painful as I constantly pushed into high intensity it had become a habit, the only way I really ever ran or did physical training. Well, he’s shown me a different way of doing this running business, and it’s far more enjoyable. His coaching will definitely push you, but it’ll be more focused and methodical while not constantly draining you. Awesome coach!


Coach Stephen was amazing. Very thorough assessment and explained each step in detail. The feedback he provided was priceless and he included links to all relevant exercises and related documentation so I could really put his advice into action.

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